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Artist Statement

My work falls broadly into two categories: abstract and narrative. In the simplest terms the abstract work is about what I am feeling and the narrative work is about what I am thinking.


In the abstract paintings, I create a visual challenge for myself by laying down color, shape or line. This begins an iterative process of adding or subtracting elements in an attempt to create balance in an evolving chaotic canvas. In reworking the pieces my goal is to reach a state of calm where the character and the truth of the work is revealed. While painting I ruminate on aesthetic questions that have occupied my thoughts for decades, both fueling and confounding me. Why is beautiful sometimes ugly? Why is ugly sometimes beautiful, heroic or sublime?

By contrast the narrative work is entered into with intention. They are visual essays on differing themes from particular periods in my life such as adolescence and motherhood, or they are ruminations on broader topics such as love, living in a world where there is war, or being an artist. I use this process to organize and gain a deeper understanding of my thoughts.


I have come to see my paintings, and all artistic endeavors, as gestures of hope. I try to give myself over to the work, communing with it, infusing it with love, attention and frustration. My hope is that I will lose myself to something greater— leaving some ugly beauty in my wake.

I graduated from The School of Visual Arts in the late 80's with a B.F.A. in fine arts. I've held a variety of jobs from wood finisher to cocktail waitress; New York has been my home for the last twenty years

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